Monday, March 25, 2013

Things you found out with the so-called Martin Villamejor

Dear Self,

I’m writing this for you to be reminded that there are people out there capable of doing such terrible things as discussed below. Too bad that your first love involved a Con Artist (AKA the sociopath). I’m sure you’ve moved on. What's important however is that you're able to pick up the things you’ve learned from this to build a better you.

And just in case you feel the need to look back, feel free to read the life lessons you were able to experience and also the things you found out about Martin Villamejor/ David Villamejor/ Martin David Perez Villamejor/ Martin Ismo. (You know what they say, if you have many FB accounts, then probably you must be a crook or something.)

1.     Don’t believe people when they say that they are part owner or silent investor of O Bar Ortigas, Central, Nike Philippines, 2 cellphone shops in Greenhills and in Robinsons Pioneer, and whatever businesses there are out there. Only to find out that he works as call center agent at HGS Global in Libis and not what he claims to be whether it may be a pilot (he wears glasses for Pete's sake!) or marketing in BMW. You should have smelled it early on. You’ve got well to do friends and they are very discreet about their wealth. This one isn't.

Manila is full of posers, social climbers, and the like. You are very well connected and it was easy for you to do a background check. I can’t blame you though since you were blindly in love plus the fact he studied in the same school as you (for a year only). Nevertheless, always do a background check before emotionally investing yourself with someone next time.

2.     A con artist will always be a con artist. Their mind is programmed to be so. Look for symptoms of people with Sociopathicbehavior. He very well fits the profile. Too bad, you only found out when he vanished. FYI, sometimes in life, you will never get the apology you need. It makes you wonder though how he came to be like so.

3.     Consider yourself lucky, some people experienced worse from him. Don’t ever be like him… In the end, it’s not what you get or what you earn. It’s how people will remember you in years to come. You’ve got a good name, don’t ruin it.

4.     Never create stories to please other people. Well, I know for a fact that you don’t since you’re awesome and well loved. Remember, Manila is small. Everyone knows anyone here. It’s a good thing you got a good family who raised you well. It’s true what they say, you can’t buy class.

5.     He may have gotten away this time. But always remember the force we call, Karma.

No matter what they say, At least you found out the truth and the answers to why it came to be. Charge it to experience.

In the end, you finally found the difference between you and him. You loved for the very first time. He deceives and hurts people in return. You’ve got a big crazy family that loves you.  The only family he has left him. You’ve got real friends by a thousand. He changes his every year or when the truth seems to reveal itself. You know the truth. He speaks lies. You’re better despite what he says.

Good luck!

Self (10-15-2012)

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